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Online Training Date: 28 October 2020

Open to ALL BPharm, BSc, BTech graduates and professionals interested in pursuing a career in Regulatory Affairs in the Pharmaceutical Industry


1 day course - Online

An introductory course giving an overview of Regulatory Affairs:

- South African Legislation: Medicine Act & Pharmacy Act

- Exposure to SAHPRA & relevant guidelines

- Legal requirements to market medicines in South Africa

- Medicine product filing: Common Technical Dossier
- Medicine product file life-cycle: Variations

- Brief overview of Responsible Pharmacist duties within the pharmaceutical industry

- Quality Assurance/ control

- Inspections

- Pharmacovigilance

- Marketing

Why you should attend?

  • This introductory course is ideally aimed at those that want to gain insight into Regulatory Affairs in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

  • “Get your foot into the door” - Useful for graduates and professionals looking to make a career transition into a new field.

  • Obtain practical exposure to a job within Regulatory Affairs.

R 2 173.05 (excl VAT p/p) R  2 499 Incl. VAT

1 day course

- An introduction to the European Commission system for Variations

- The Current Variations Regulations of the EC and procedures in practice

- Review of latest SAHPRA requirements & finalized guidelines

- Pharmaceutical and Clinical Variations
- Practical advice on the preparation and submission of Variation applications

Normal price: R 4 991 (incl. VAT p/p) 

Date: To Be Confirmed

Half day course - Online 

-  Pharmaceutical product release related to regulatory requirements

- Product Batch Document  review

- Certificate of Analysis review

- In-house company procedure for release
- Practical examples

R 1 700 (excl VAT p/p) R 1 995.00 Inc. VAT

Date: To Be Confirmed

2 day comprehensive course - Online

• Introduction to Legal requirements for licenses/recordings (SAHPRA/SAPC/ DOH)

• Site Master File

• Overview on:

- Standard Operating Procedures

- Job Descriptions

• Batch Release requirements

• Sales & Marketing

• Pharmacovigilance/Medical Information/Product Queries & Complaints

• Performing a due diligence on a dossier.

• Audits

• Risk management


Why you should attend?

• This course is ideally aimed at Responsible Pharmacists in Industry and the Deputy Responsible Pharmacists who require the essential background in order to carry out the RP job function and maintain legal compliance.

• Gain an understanding of the legislation which affect the duties of a Responsible Pharmacist.

• Practical aspects on how to conduct key regulatory functions.

• Opportunity for you to participate in interactive discussions and exchange experiences with other delegates.

R 8 500 (excl VAT p/p) R 9 775.00 Inc. VAT

Comprehensive training on ZA CTD compilation

Date: To Be Confirmed Based on Demand

A 5 day extensive course

An extensive course on ZA CTD compilation Module 1 – Module 5 & submission strategies:

- New Chemical Entities

- Generics

- Complementary Medicines

- Veterinary

R 21 000 (excl VAT p/p)

Professional information for medicines for human use and patient information leaflet training

Date: To Be Confirmed Based on Demand

2 day course

Compilation of the professional information and patient information leaflet:

- LATEST SAHPRA guidelines, covering new PI & PIL format

- South African Legislation, including NEW Regulations to be published

- Overview of Clinical variations 

- General information


- Safety & Medicines Safety Alerts

- Relevance of CCDS & PSURs/ PBRER

- Referencing System

Early bird special: 8 050 (incl. VAT p/p) 

Normal price: R 8 625 (incl. VAT p/p) 

Medical Devices: Overview of Regulatory Authority Requirements

Date: To Be Confirmed Based on Demand

1 day course

- Medical Devices in South Africa: Legislation, Guidelines, SAMED

- SAHPRA Medical Device Licence Application Compilation

- International Arena - Legislation of Medical Devices: WHO, IMDRF, EMA

- Brief overview - Medical Devices in Other Africa

R 4 340 (excl VAT p/p)

All You Need To Know: Pharmacovigilance

Date: To Be Confirmed Based on Demand

2 day course

Topics to be covered over the 2 day course:

  • Overview of ICH & EU pharmacovigilance

  • SAHPRA pharmacovigilance document requirements

  • Pharmacoviligance audits & inspections

  • Periodic Benefit-Risk Evaluation Reports (PBRERs)/ Periodic Safety Update Reports (PSURs)

  • Risk Management Plans (RMPs)

  • Roles and responsibilities of a licence holder

  • Post registration ADR Reporting

  • Implications of: Recalls; labelling updates & variations

  • Medicine Safety Alert

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) related to pharmacovigilance

  • Roles and responsibilities of the person qualified for pharmacovigilance


Why you should attend?

  • Gain an understanding of post-marketing pharmacovigilance.

  • Essential information will be covered to aid for those working in pharmacovigilance or entering the field of pharmacovigilance.

  • Capitalise on the opportunity to participate in interactive discussions and exchange experiences with a representative from the SAHPRA Pharmacovigilance Unit & other delegates.

  • Each attendee will receive a course pack containing comprehensive documentation which will be a valuable source of reference.

R 8 500 (excl VAT p/p)

Online Training Date: 26 August 2020

1 day course - Online

Comprehensive training on the Medicine (CMs/Devices where relevant) regulatory requirements in the following African specific countries (ENGLISH SPEAKING):

Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania.

Harmonisation Initiatives- ZAZIBONA & EAC- Guest speakers from office of ZAZIBONA & EAC

Time permitting- brief discussion on NON-ENGLISH Mozambique/Ethiopia/Angola

R 6 800 (excl VAT p/p) R 7 820.00 Inc. VAT

Marketing Code

Date: To Be Confirmed Based on Demand

1 day course

- Legal Framework

- Marketing Code of Practice

- International Arena on the Marketing of Medicines

- Examples
- Workshop - Regulatory Affairs Compliance

R 4 340 (excl VAT p/p)

Biosimilars vs Generics

Date: To Be Confirmed Based on Demand

1 day course

- Difference between Biosimilars and Generic drug

- Difference between Biosimilars and Biologics

- International arena

- Local requirements

- Practical Application of Guidelines

- Are Biosimilars Interchangeable

R 4 340 (excl VAT p/p)

Inspection readiness

Date: To Be Confirmed Based on Demand

1 day course

Detailing MCC/SAHPRA and SAPC compliance requirements during an audit:

- MCC/SAHPRA and SAPC Legislation

- Legal Compliance during an inspection

- PICS Guideline

R 3 250 (excl VAT p/p)

Company Specific Training

Date: To Be Confirmed (T's & C's apply)

Twinz offers company-specific training. 

Training programmes specially tailored to meet company requirements for groups of ten or more people from the same company. This training is often cost and time effective and aims to improve the productivity of employees.

Kindly contact Salima Mahomed for a quote or more information.

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